We sell your cryptocurrency wallets with lost passwords.

We will sell your wallets of any cryptocurrency from which you lost passwords on our site!

1. You contact us through the following contacts:

2. Show your wallet, tell its story, give the most complete information about it and indicate the amount for which you are ready to sell each copy of it. Give us your BTC address, which will subsequently receive funds from each sale.

3. We check your wallet, make a video review and post it on our website.

4. All sales go through a third-party service –

5. At any time, you can request a report on the sales of the file and see, through the above site, whether there were sales of your file.

6. The commission of the system is 30%. Example: You have specified the desired selling price of $ 1000, in case of a successful sale, within 24 hours Bitcoin will come to your account $ 700.